• Obtaining operator’s license from SPAN as required by WSIA.
  • Creating a favourable and viable commercial environment to sustain water supply services.
  • Arrangement with PAAB to surrender the relevant water assets and CAPEX liabilities and subsequent leasing of the same assets for operations at a favourable rate.
  • Preparing accurate water demand and supply schedule to cover all WTP supply areas with 20% margin reserve at any one time.
  • Prioritising holistic NRW reduction program at 6% per year for the first year of corporatisation (2015). With the baseline NRW of 56% in 2014, SAP anticipated it can successfully reduce NRW to estimated 50% in 2015) 45% in 2016 and 40% in 2017. After 2017, NRW will be subsequently reduced by 3% per year to 31% by year 2020.
  • Reviewing domestic tariff given to government institutions by imposing appropriate tariff at a reasonable rate. Rationalising domestic tariff by broadening the first tier to cater for basic needs.
  • Achieving full cost recovery in the long term by 2030.



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